Maintaining a Healthy Weight for a Long, Happy Life

A healthy weight is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining your weight has many advantages, from improved overall health to disease control and prevention. Many people think you can only achieve healthy weight loss through a balanced diet. While it’s true that healthy eating patterns can positively affect your weight, there are other things you can do to attain and maintain a healthy weight.

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Risks of Being Overweight and Obesity

It’s important to remember that many factors contribute to a person’s weight. This includes their lifestyle choices, family and medical history, and how fast their body metabolizes what they eat every day. These factors combined can cause obesity or being overweight, which are conditions that involve having excessive body weight, greater than what is healthy.

Many health problems arise due to being overweight and obesity. Having too much weight can adversely affect your health and decrease the quality of your life. Obesity increases your risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases. Other risks associated with obesity include:

  • Increased risk for type 2 diabetes and heart attack
  • Cause or worsen hypertension
  • Reduce good cholesterol
  • Cause inflammation in the blood vessels
  • Increased risk for high blood pressure

Body Mass Index: Do You Have a Healthy Weight?

With your body mass index, you can check whether you are at risk of being overweight or obese. People who are overweight have a BMI ranging from 25 to 29.9, while the BMI of those who have class 1 to 3 obesity range from 30 to over 40.

Calculate your BMI with these steps:

  • Multiply your weight in pounds by 703.
  • Divide your answer by your height in inches.
  • Divide your answer by your height in inches again.

The optimum range for a healthy BMI is around 18.5 to 24.9. However, be reminded that it is not always an accurate representation of body fatness. Your healthy weight may differ from another person because of certain health needs. Always talk to your healthcare provider to receive a proper diagnosis.

How to Lose Weight Safely

Achieving a healthy weight starts with having the right motivation for a long-term commitment. People are often in search of quick ways to lose weight. However, gradual and steady weight loss is more likely to keep the weight off. Even modest weight loss can have big benefits to your overall health.

Energy balance is also important in maintaining and achieving a healthy weight. It pertains to the energy from the food you eat relative to the energy your body expels in physical activity. Be mindful of your energy balance to achieve a healthy weight.

Your lifestyle choices are crucial to achieving a healthy weight. Cut down on or get rid of unhealthy habits, such as smoking and consuming sugary drinks. Make sure to read your food labels and note your nutritional intake from your meals for a healthy diet.

Being physically active is also a key factor in achieving effective weight loss. The additional calories that exercise burns can go a long way. Whenever possible, add physical activity into your daily routine. Likewise, getting enough sleep and keeping track of your sleeping schedule can help you in your weight loss journey. Too little sleep has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, and other conditions in adults.

You can also achieve weight loss through surgical options. Bariatric surgery involves changing the digestive system to aid in losing weight. Note that doctors only recommended this option for cases where healthy non-surgical options failed to work. Always seek medical advice before deciding on undergoing weight loss surgery.

Once you have achieved a healthy weight, physical activity and continuing good habits can contribute to good long-term health.

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For Best Results Get Maintaining a Healthy Weight for a Long, Happy Life Workbook