The Secret of Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tips on how to make gluten-free chocolate chips

Gluten-free cookies are easy to bake! A few modifications from your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and you are good to go.

Here are some tips you'll need to remember to make the perfect gluten-free cookie!

Browned butter makes a difference

Cookies made without gluten might have a flat flavor profile. Browned butter can elevate the cookies and result in a delicious flavor. It is caramelized, nutty, and toasty. It is also impossible to achieve with any other type of butter.

Find the perfect gluten-free flour

Flour is essential when it comes to baking. In gluten-free baking, you also have a wide range of flour options such as:

  • almond flour
  • rice flour
  • tapioca flour, and
  • purpose gluten-free flour

You can also mix and match these flours until you come up with your perfect gluten-free flour blend.

Purpose gluten flour of Bob's red mill is a common suggestion when it comes to gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Give your cookie dough enough rest

Let the dough sit for at least an hour before you bake it. If you have leftover cookie dough, you may create dough balls. Keep it wrapped and place it in an airtight container before you put it in the freezer. You can store them until you decide to pop up another batch.

Suppose you decide to bake a fresh batch of your GF chocolate chip cookies. Place your cookie dough balls on parchment paper and place them in a pre-heated oven. Don't forget to cool completely.

Brown sugar is a great choice

Do you want to have a better flavor and chewiness? That's attributable, in part, to the use of brown sugar. Use brown rather than white granulated sugar. Besides that, a dash of vanilla extract can also bring flavor to your cookies.

This recipe is adaptable to fit with whichever type of chocolate chip you like to use. Some would prefer semi-sweet chocolate chips. But bittersweet chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips can also be an option.

There are a few who would like chopped chocolate better. After all, it melts easier which can contribute to a chewy texture. It depends on your taste.

Gluten-free recipes

People suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance demand a gluten-free diet. It is almost a matter of life and death. Gluten can be in a wide variety of meals.

It may need careful planning to ensure that you restrict yourself from consuming gluten-containing foods. But the effort is worth it, especially when it's your health at stake.

There are several amazing recipes that you can try if you are planning to go gluten-free. GF recipes are all over the internet. Baking gluten-free and cooking gluten-free is easy nowadays.

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