Healthy Aging: How You Can Start

From the moment of your birth to late adolescence, you’ve been growing taller and stronger. In early adulthood, you are at your prime, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to last forever. As you grow older, your body will physically and mentally wear down. 

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While this is a part of the action plan for healthy aging through life, there is something you can do right now that will make being older easier. This is known as healthy aging. But what is it exactly? How does one accomplish this?

What Is Healthy aging?

According to research by the World Health Organisation (WHO), healthy aging is “the process of developing, aging and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age.”

In other words, a decade of healthy aging is taking care of your physical and mental capacities now. By doing so, you can stay in good shape as you age. Healthy aging is not just about living longer. It is the culmination of maintaining physical, mental, and social well-being as we age.

Why Is Healthy Aging Important?

Throughout the last ten years and decades, people have been living longer and longer. This is thanks to the development of various technologies that have enhanced our daily lives.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is living in a way that promotes healthy aging and well-being. Some people follow the usual processes to foster healthy aging habits. But there may be some aspects of their aging lives that can be improved.

The World Health Organization has recognized this. They have started a global collaboration known as the United Nations Decade of Healthy aging. Its goal is to give resources to help both governments and communities foster age-friendly environments.

As the world's population continues to age, the UN Decade of Healthy Aging by the World Health Organization provides a critical framework for addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of an aging society. This global action promotes human rights and social affairs in age-friendly cities for older people.

The World Health Organization's UN Decade offers valuable insights, resources, and guidance for individuals, healthcare providers, governments, and policymakers on promoting optimal health, aging, and well-being in older adults. The UN Decade of Healthy is a global strategy that has sustainable development goals and can be easily adapted by middle income countries.

While it is a tremendous effort involving diverse sectors of society. It involves the government, the media, the private sector, and international agencies. In the end, you can perform healthy aging all on your own!

How Do I Age In A Healthy Way?

Be More Physically Active

Exercise will always be something that even older people can benefit from. By continuing to take part in physical activities at an earlier stage of your life, you can stay strong in every decade that passes, even in your old age.

Focus On Healthy Foods

Giving your body the nutrients it needs to function is an important part of staying healthy. So important, in fact, that certain diets not only will keep your body running but also reduce the risk of certain diseases. 

Remember To Drink Water

Drinking water isn’t just a way to stave off the inconvenience of thirst. Regularly drinking water improves brain function and keeps your skin healthier. Not only that, but it also helps keep your kidneys in good condition. Whether or not you plan on being physically active throughout your life, drinking plenty of water is a must.

Get Enough Sleep

After a long day of using up energy, your body will need some recharging and regulating. To do this, your body will require getting as much sleep as it needs. Without it, many health issues may come up later in life.

Make Regular Visits To A Doctor

Regularly visiting your doctor lets them have as much information on your health as possible. With this, they are able to notice any changes that could mean something serious later down the line.

No matter how old you are, but especially if you are aging, always take advantage of primary health services. Long-term care can help lengthen older people's lives, especially if they seek an independent expert for healthy aging.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

It is common in our society to use alcohol to have a good time every now and then. However, a study has shown that drinking is a factor that can contribute to poor heart health. Therefore, heavy alcohol use should be avoided as much as possible for your health.

Quit Smoking

Are you an avid smoker? Do you often take smoke breaks at work? According to one study, the risk of death is higher among smokers when compared to non-smokers.

One way to age healthfully is to stop these smoking habits now.

Stay Connected With Others

Something that is easy to notice as people age is the growing distance between themselves and their friends and families. While this is something to be expected as time passes, social isolation and loneliness pose health risks. Sustained collaboration in your office can help combat ageism and help bridge communities, people, and families of all ages.

Calling and being with the people you are close to promotes collaborative action and would go a long way in healthy aging.

Minimize Stress As Much As Possible

We all deal with stress in some form or another. However, too much stress could lead to health problems decades down the line.

It is a good idea to avoid as much stress as possible to reduce the chances of developing digestive and sleep disorders.

Watch Your Mental Health

As we grow older, depression becomes more and more common. To add to this, it is also more difficult to recognize.

It is important to seek help from a healthcare provider when you notice signs of depression or any other mental health disorder. By prioritizing healthy lifestyles and preventative measures, older people can maintain their independence, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Get A Hobby

Having a hobby isn’t only something fun to do as you grow. It is also good for your physical and mental health.

To improve your health as you age, look for something you enjoy doing and being active in.

Learn Something New

The saying “every day is a school day” will never stop being true. A study has shown that continuously engaging in activities that work your brain improves memory function in older persons.

Go give your brain as much exercise as you should be giving to the rest of your body!

To Wrap Up

To have a long and healthy life expectancy, it is important to look after your health as you get older. To help in your efforts and achieve another decade of healthy aging, try Health Quest 365's Organic Greens 365!

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